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Take the first step in the succession planning process, together.

Redefining retirement from “an ending” to an “energizing beginning” is critical to your firm's succession planning strategy. That's why it's important to start having conversations with your team well before retirement age so everyone is ready for — and looking forward to — the next chapter.


Succession Planning, Retirement and Beyond is a three-hour, onsite workshop that's designed for partners, executives and leadership within five years of retirement. Our founders, Elizabeth and David, provide valuable insights about the challenges and opportunities of retiring from demanding careers, help prepare them for the next chapter and offer one-on-one consultations. Your team will leave more confident about their futures, opening the door to more proactive succession planning for your business.


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Normalize retirement

Retirement is a normal and natural part of every career cycle. But many avoid discussing or preparing for retirement, complicating prospects for younger colleagues and effective succession planning. This workshop helps partners embrace and harness the opportunities presented by retirement, eventually leading to a cultural shift in behavior and mindsets.

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Secure client transitions

Once partners settle on a retirement date, they want to ensure their clients will continue to be looked after. A well-planned strategy for a structured client transition, enabled by an open discussion of retirement, brings comfort to everyone involved.

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Activate succession planning

As professionals consider their retirement date, they can proactively develop and promote talent while simultaneously planning for a smooth transition of responsibilities. This enables a seamless changeover for clients and your firm.

What participants can expect from our retirement workshop

It's time to reframe retirement as an opportunity. Our clients have gone on to launch VC funds, start nonprofits, host their own podcasts and even get their commercial pilot license. When asked what they do, they've discovered how to replace what they do professionally with something new and energizing.

Module #1

Retirement as a concept

It's about so much more than the money. We'll talk through challenges with the traditional retirement concept (why it's flawed!) and introduce a better planning model — one that gives your team the opportunity to retire on their terms and get excited for what's to come.

Module #2

Four aspects of comprehensive planning

When you've spent your days reacting to your clients' needs, it can be difficult to step into creator mode. That's why we developed a holistic approach to retirement planning — one that incorporates key life areas, a multi-year countdown, everything you need to create a blueprint for the future and much more.


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Your Questions, Answered

We recommend businesses host a workshop as a starting point in changing attitudes about retirement. We suggest inviting partners, professionals and executives who are two to five years out from their planned retirement date. Many of our clients host workshops once a year to ensure upcoming retirees have an opportunity to attend.
Our founders, Elizabeth Zelinka and David Parsons lead these workshops for clients. They have a combined thirty years of experience successfully transitioning AMLaw 50 lawyers, executives and business owners into meaningful retirements.
At the end of the workshop, participants leave with a different perspective on retirement, and the start of a practical action plan for the transition and newfound confidence for next steps. Our founders often remain onsite for the remainder of the day to meet with participants one-on-one to answer questions and discuss opportunities for further assistance.
There’s no limit to the number of participants for the workshop, however, we recommend twenty to thirty participants to keep the workshops intimate and focused.
Yes! We work with individuals through the Encore program, an intimate, two-day retreat experience, the Ovation program, a virtual one-day session or the Insight Program, a consultative coaching program.

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