Our Approach

When a career chapter closes, Zelinka Parsons helps you rewrite the story — for everyone

The world's top professional services firms are proactive about partner and leadership retirement and succession planning. We help them prepare for next steps to avoid abrupt, messy (and costly) departures from the business. Together, we'll answer the questions: What now? What next? for you and your people.

At Zelinka Parsons, our outcome-oriented approach is centered around insight, clarity, intention and action.

Preparing for New Beginnings

The word “retirement” can evoke unsettling feelings of dread and even shame, especially for high performers whose identities are inextricably linked to their professional accomplishments. We help to turn that anxiety into genuine excitement. Our group workshops and individual programs for partners, professionals and executives aged 55+ normalize and socialize the idea of retirement — creating curiosity, definition and action around next steps.


Planning for Retirement

When a rewarding, decades-long career comes to an end, the future can feel overwhelming. We work with lawyers, professionals and executives to shine a light on what's possible, helping them gain clarity on what they want to do with their time, treasure and talent. Whether they choose our in-person two-day Encore program or a virtual one-day Ovation program, our clients leave with a 10-year blueprint for life leading up to, and well into, retirement.


Securing Succession Success

A lucrative book of business is the result of years of building trust. Your partners want assurance they're leaving clients in good hands and clients want to feel confident in the new team. This transition is a crucial part of the work we do with partners and includes a detailed timeline as well as advice on mentorship and communication — all designed to retain clients.


Creating a Culture of Gratitude

Senior partners and leadership have worked hard building a business — and a legacy — and you want to appreciate and recognize their efforts. When you invest in helping them design a rewarding, post-career life, you show them (and the rest of the team) that their contributions are valued — creating a better culture for current and future partners.


Ready to get strategic about succession and retirement planning – for your business and your people?