Encore Program

Personal and Professional Strategic Planning for the Next Stage of Success

    After the intensity of a focused and successful career,

    it might be difficult to imagine what comes next. It might be difficult to see that opportunities exist to engage in worthwhile and challenging endeavors. We can assure you that they do, and they promise fulfillment and reward.
    We respectfully invite you to participate in our Encore program, a remarkably focused and productive confidential offsite session followed by ongoing transition coaching. Our unique approach is designed specifically for high- performing individuals retiring from intense and demanding careers. We work with you to define your strengths and interests, synthesize your career achievements, and create a plan that gives direction to your personal and professional future in retirement.

    Encore has given me an intentional direction. I’ve discovered a level of clarity I was unaware of ever previously having or expressing.


    Welcome to Encore

    The greatest challenge in retirement is to redefine meaningful engagement. We designed Encore to expedite the process of creating clarity, direction and an intentional plan for future engagement. Encore will take you through a facilitated analysis designed to answer questions like:

    • What does a successful retirement mean to me?
    • How do I create purpose, focus and structure in my days?
    • How do I integrate my personal and professional interests?
    • What legacy will I create professionally and personally?
    • What is my plan for meaningful engagement after I retire?
    • How can I make a contribution to my broader community?

    Encore will help you define new goals and build a bridge into a satisfying and successful retirement.

    The two-day session filled me with a sense of new opportunity and generated a breadth of ideas for the future that i’d never before considered.


    Your Encore Experience Includes:

    • The opportunity to step back and create an intentional plan for your purpose and direction in retirement
    • An engaging and effective process focused on your specific goals and objectives
    • Two consultants working with you individually over an intensive two-day period
    • Sessions at a quiet resort, away from the demands of the office
    • A comprehensive written plan, tailored to your priorities and strengths
    • Ongoing transition coaching for as long as you need it

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