The Encore Program

— Unlocking a Rewarding Life After An Intense Career

Prepare your partners, leaders and directors for a new path with a retreat that's focused on building a retirement roadmap — for themselves, their clients and your firm.

A legacy of service deserves more than a golden handshake

When identity and profession are inextricably linked, retirement can bring feelings of doubt and anxiety that money can't subdue. By supporting your firm’s leadership through this transition — proactively — firms can help their partners find joy and confidence in a new purpose. And that positive impact translates to your firm's bottom line and culture.


Leaving on their terms means leaving on good terms

The Encore program was designed for leadership, and others preparing to leave intense professions, to discover a rewarding path forward. This individual, two-day retreat experience guides our clients to answer the question, “What will I do next with my time, treasure and talents?”. So when their retirement day arrives, they know (and are energized about) what comes next.


Applause for the Encore program

Why Invest in Encore for Your Retiring Leaders and Professionals

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Provide a First
Class Experience

Our clients check out from the daily grind and check into a beautiful setting for two full days of creative and insightful sessions with our expert facilitators.

personal-discovery (1)

Empower Personal Discovery

We help our clients reconnect to themselves and envision a fulfilling life post-retirement. They'll be able to answer: “What now? What next?” with confidence.

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Solidify Client Transition

Professionals and leadership care deeply about what happens to their clients. They'll build an intentional plan for a structured client transition that gives everyone peace of mind.

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Activate Succession Planning

With partners actively working towards a retirement date, you can plan for a seamless changeover while developing and promoting up-and-coming talent.

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Ensure Ongoing Support

Follow-up is critical to our clients' success. Your partners will have ongoing access to their facilitators as they navigate their exit and embark on their future.

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Designed by a lawyer, for intense career professionals.

What Your Team Can Expect From the Encore Program

It's time to reframe retirement as an opportunity. Our clients have gone on to launch VC funds, start nonprofits, host their own podcasts and even get their commercial pilot license. When asked what they do, they've discovered how to replace what they do professionally with something new and energizing.

Day 1


This interview-style session gets to the core of a client's authentic self — their life experiences, achievements, interests, values and unique strengths. They'll gain clarity and confidence around the path forward and leave the day with a clear picture of a satisfying life after an intense career, broken down into six key areas.

Day 2


With a vision in sight, it's time to plan for change. During Day 2, we encourage, where appropriate, the client's life partner to participate in this co-creative session. They'll both look ahead to the next 10 years and decide on options to pursue together, and individually. A tailored plan will offer concrete steps for a structured exit along with practical advice and recommendations gleaned from working with hundreds of retiring lawyers, executives, founders and business owners in a similar situation.


After the Retreat

When clients return to reality, it's easy to lose sight of the end goal. From balancing their books of business to updating professional profiles and preparing succession partners, the months leading up to retirement can be tricky. We offer the 1:1 support that helps our clients stay on track — so they're ready to embrace their life after their career.


Your Questions, Answered

To gain the most from the experience, we recommend participation in the Encore program 12 to 18 months prior to the planned retirement date.
Elizabeth Zelinka and David Parsons and their team of coach facilitators work directly with our clients to unearth their future goals and help them create a blueprint for life after a demanding career. They have a combined 20 years of experience successfully transitioning AMLaw 50 lawyers, business owners and executives into meaningful retirements.
Participants walk away from the Encore program with an action plan for transitioning out of their practice — one that meets their needs, takes care of their clients and secures your business.
We invite clients to spend two days with us in Tucson, Arizona. Our team can also facilitate a first-class experience anywhere in the world.
A single fee includes the intensive and customized two-day session with expert facilitators along with unlimited, ongoing support. This investment translates to fulfilled retired partners, a future for younger talent, satisfied clients, and ultimately, the continued prosperity of your firm.
Yes! Our Ovation program is held virtually. It’s a one-day intensive program with a single facilitator that guides clients through a series of self-assessments, independent work and one-on-one sessions. At the end of the day, they walk away with a greater understanding of themselves, a clear vision of the next steps on their journey and the confidence to move forward.

Secure your firm’s future.
Invest in the wellbeing and legacy of your future retired partners.