The Ovation Program

— Discovering Purpose After A Demanding Career

Provide lawyers, directors, partners and executives with a new sense of direction through an individual session that prepares them for a fulfilling life after retirement.

Be there before they hand over the keys to the corner office

Early mornings, late nights, missed special occasions. Intense career professionals have sacrificed a lot over the years to build the firm and their book of business with passion and commitment. Now it's the firm's turn to be there for them. Easing their transition into retirement, long before the last day, will ensure everyone is feeling good about the change — your leadership, your clients and your firm.


Working toward a new purpose

The Ovation program was designed for intense career professionals who want to channel their experience, skill and success into a new purpose. This intense, one-day virtual session guides clients to answer the question, “How will I contribute to the world in new ways after everything that I've accomplished?” They'll leave this virtual session with inspiring ideas and the strategies to pursue them.


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Why Invest in Ovation for Your Retiring Leaders

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Your retiring professionals and leaders will spend one full day reflecting on the past to build the future — guided by an expert facilitator who will change their retirement narrative from unsettling apprehension to confident anticipation.

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Empower Self Discovery

We help intense career professionals gain a sense of clarity, direction and wellbeing as they navigate their retirement journey. They'll re-discover their identity outside of “executive” or “lawyer” to define what's next and make a plan to get there.

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Plan Client

Professional service providers care deeply about what happens to their clients. They'll build an intentional plan for a structured client transition that gives everyone peace of mind.

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Activate Succession

With your professionals and leadership actively working towards a retirement date, you can plan for a seamless changeover while developing and promoting up-and-coming talent.

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Provide Follow-up

This is not a “one and done” process. We provide options for continued follow-up with participants long after their Ovation session has ended to ensure they can successfully implement their ideas for the next phase of their lives.

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What Participants Can Expect
From the Ovation Program

It's time to reframe retirement as an opportunity. Our clients have gone on to launch VC funds, start nonprofits, host their own podcasts and even get their commercial pilot license. When asked what they do, they've discovered how to replace what they do professionally with something new and energizing.


Clients will meet with their expert facilitator for a private 30-minute introductory call to review the Ovation agenda, go over the pre-work that's expected and get answers to any questions.


Independent Assessment

A successful retirement can only happen when your team members choose it, embrace it and do the work to effectively transition out of the firm and into their next chapter. And their independent work is key to unlocking all of the above. Clients invest 3-4 hours completing a questionnaire through our secure online portal that's designed to help get them in the right mindset for a productive day with their facilitator.


Ovation Day

Now the real work begins. Led by their facilitator and guided by their independent assessment results, clients participate in an intensive one-day session that uncovers their life experiences, achievements, interests, values and unique strengths. They'll gain clarity and confidence around the path forward and leave the day with a clear picture of what satisfying engagement after their career looks like for them — which includes a structured plan to exit the firm seamlessly.


Your Questions, Answered

To gain the most from the experience, we recommend participants attend the Ovation program 12 to 18 months prior to their planned retirement date.
Trained facilitators work directly with our clients to unearth their future goals and help them create a blueprint for meaningful engagement after a demanding career. Each facilitator has extensive experience successfully transitioning AMLaw 50 lawyers, business executives and other professional advisors into meaningful retirements.
At the end of the workshop, participants walk away with a greater understanding of themselves, a clear vision of the next steps on their journey and the confidence to move forward.
The Ovation program involves a combination of self-guided work through our secure online portal and an intense one-day workshop that’s hosted virtually with an experienced facilitator.
A single fee includes access to the online portal for independent work, the virtual one-on-one session with the facilitator and up to two follow-up support meetings. This investment translates to fulfilled retired partners, a future for younger talent, satisfied clients, and ultimately, the continued prosperity of your firm.

Yes! Our premium option, the Encore program, is an intimate, two-day retreat experience typically hosted in Tucson, Arizona (but can be held almost anywhere in the world!). Guided by the company's two founders, this in-depth, individual program features the option of including the client's life partner on the second day.

What are the key differences between the Ovation and Encore programs?




Virtual — combination self-guided + facilitator led

In-person — facilitator led


1 Day

2 Days — with optional life partner participation on Day 2


Two included; additional follow-ups available for a fee

Ongoing follow-ups included as long as needed





One skilled and experienced facilitator

Founders Elizabeth Zelinka and David Parsons, working together

Secure your firm’s future.
Invest in the wellbeing and legacy of your future retired partners.