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    In the space between one success and another lies a transition. It is these key inflection points in life and career that offer the greatest opportunities for expanded energy, capacity, and performance.

    Whether it’s a substantial promotion, a turning point at mid-career, or a shift into retirement, there is no substitute for an intentional strategy. We facilitate individual planning sessions with world-class professionals to define what’s important and to build a plan for the next stage of success.

    I came away from my two-day session feeling very positively about all the things I have done in my career and what I can do in the future. The ideas that we created are far more expansive than anything I previously imagined, and I now have a plan of action that matches who I am.


    Areas of Expertise

    for the next stage of success

    Retirement Transition

    We designed the Encore Program to expedite the process of creating clarity, direction and an intentional plan for future engagement in retirement.

    High Performance Coaching

    The greatest challenge facing successful people is how to take success further. We designed the Advance Program to help you to step back from your practice to reevaluate, refocus, and make an intentional plan for your next success.

    Consulting and Speaking

    We offer customized presentations and consulting arrangements on retirement transition, business development, performance enhancement and other talent issues.

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    Customized Talent Solutions


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