Personal and Professional Strategic Planning for the Next Stage of Success

    After achieving the success you have,

    it might be difficult to imagine taking it even further. It might be difficult to see that opportunities exist to grow, reinvigorate, or reinvent your practice. We assure you that they do, and they promise fulfillment, challenge and reward.

    We respectfully invite you to participate in our Advance program, a remarkably focused and productive offsite planning session, followed by ongoing performance coaching. We will work with you to redefine your practice and career focus, leverage your strengths, and create a plan to take your current platform to a new level. Our unique approach ensures that your future direction is aligned with your evolving personal and professional goals.

    You’ve spent your entire career offering clear counsel to others. Now it’s your turn.

    The two-day session filled me with a sense of new opportunity and generated a breadth of ideas for the future that i’d never before considered.


    Welcome to Advance

    The greatest challenge facing successful people is how to take success further. Advance was designed by Big Law veterans explicitly for law firm partners at any level who need to step back from their practices to reevaluate, refocus, and make an intentional plan for the future. Advance will take you through a facilitated analysis designed to answer questions like:

    • What does success mean to me?
    • How can I reinvent my practice for today’s market?
    • How can I reinvigorate my drive, focus, and vision?
    • How can I optimize my performance?
    • What is my unique professional brand?
    • How can I take control of my professional future?

    Advance will help you to align your career and life goals and to define a systematic and individualized approach to optimize your performance.

    By mid-career, I had lost my mojo. The advance program reignited my energy, helped me get control of my time, and revealed new potential for my practice.


    Your Advance Experience Includes:

    • The opportunity to step back and create an intentional plan designed to create immediate action and progress toward your goals
    • An engaging and effective process designed to clarify your purpose, strengths, and performance drivers
    • Two consultants working with you individually over an intensive two-day period
    • Sessions at a quiet resort, away from the demands of the office
    • A detailed strategic plan for reaching your professional goals, tailored to your priorities
    • Ongoing performance coaching for as long as you want it

    To learn more, please contact us.

    We would love to get to know you better. Please provide us with some information about yourself.

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